I'm off for a few days

So I will leave you with my feathered friends here until I get back.

I've got balls

And it isn't what you might be thinking ;)
Nancy and I are planning on getting a vending machine. We already have the capsules and each capsule will have a little piece of art and a note (a joke, or saying, or trivia or little arty-facts).

Keep yer fingers crossed I can even go on a driving holiday, my back is being a bugger and won't behave, despite mega pain meds. I want my back mojo back.

This is another mural in Keiths Alley in Yellow Springs which I really love by Sarah Dickens. It is always fun to park back there and see what new murals or graffiti is up.


andrea said…
Have fun and I love the art ball idea! Have you heard about the Art-O-Mat? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Art-o-mat
The Salems said…
Enjoy your wee break..Hope the back eases up for you hinney.. Gann on doon the toon pet... inspired ...
jafabrit said…
Andrea I love the Art-O-Mat, and wondered when I saw it a few years ago if I could do something similar. I hadn't thought about a toy vending machine until now though.

hiay salems, thanks.
Dr.John said…
Did you hurt your back doing the painting on the back side and trying to look from the front on that large painting?
Angela said…
Art balls!!! WOOO HOOO! Looks' like a great idea! Love your feathered friends! :) GREAT POST AS ALWAYS! Thanks for sharing with us!
leslyf said…
Hi and have a great break!

I'm sorry about your back .... having been laid very low with mine for a long time it was finally discovered 2 years ago that my L5/S1 disc had crumbled. The 'delightful' (NOT) consultant I saw said I must wear a corset for the rest of my life and that I would never do gardening or sports again.

However, he did recommend Aqua-jogging! So I discharged myself from his tender loving care and joined 'Aquarobics for the over-50s', gentle exercises in the pool + did some Aquajogging as well. I went once or twice a week for six months ... and cannot believe the difference. I can DRIVE again (after 3 years not daring to) and no more sudden excruciating back spasms. AND I am playing outdoor and indoor bowls.

So .... why not give it a go? If you do I hope it works for you too. Definitely NO CORSETS though ... is it a deal?
Art News Blog said…
"Art Balls" would really catch on in the blog world. It's a little quirky and makes people smile.

If sites like boingboing picked it up, it would take off. It may not make you rich but it might make you famous for 10 or 15 minutes ;-)

Cynthia said…
I stopped by yesterday and didn't comment because I was pressed for time, so I decided to come back...Love the roaches! Are these destined for Art Ball??

Yes, enjoy your get-away and I hope your back is on the mend.
Janvangogh said…
Have a good trip. Find lots of inspiration for the balls.
The Salems said…
Don't know if Chris gets much time to respond to his comments.. i don't know when they put in a pet farm at Jesmond Dene but it's great for the kids.. take care noo Wor Geordie Lass, thesalems/inspired.
Maria & Stefano said…
I love the Art balls idea...so great and creative!!!
You're the best!!!

I live the art ball idea. Like Vend Art (and Art-O-Mat) only simpler. I've also seen feminine protection dispensers made into art dispensers. Where are you going to put your machine and how much will they cost?
p.s. Have you tried chiropractic for your back? My hubby is one and I don't know what I would do without chiropractic.
sue beyer said…
I used to love those things when I was a kid!
The Salems said…
Hi wor jafabrit.. hope all is well with the Geordie lass.. inspired..
LynClay said…
OMG I love your artballs and want lots and lots of them!!
J.B. I'm so sorry your back has been hurting, I hope you feel better soon!
LadyK said…
This is an awesome idea!